24x7 Safe Drinking and Irrigation Water Flagship Programme


This programme aims to provide access to 24×7 safe drinking water to both rural and urban households.


The programme will undertake construction of new water supply schemes, rehabilitation of existing water supply schemes, water source protection and water quality testing and surveillance. The programme will also ensure adequate irrigation water. In order to ensure efficiency and reliability of water supply, creation of an agency for water supply services shall be explored. The programme target 11 Dzongkhags (Chukha, Samtse, Dagana, Wangdue, Trongsa, Zhemgang, Mongar, Trashigang, Pemagatshel, Samdrup Jongkhat and Paro) and all 4 Thromdes.


Promotion of integrated watershed management – Under this strategy, programs and activities to map and identify degraded watershed and wetlands and initiate revival measure for an improved water yield at the source will be carried out. It will also implement existing watershed management plans. The budget allocated for this strategy is at Nu. 40 Million.

Development of adequate and climate resilient water infrastructure – This strategy will help in providing adequate drinking water infrastructure towards ensuring 24×7 safe drinking and irrigation water by 12th plan period. Activities under this strategy include construction/rehabilitation of water supply scheme, technology for accelerating water supply and tracking water loss through leak among other. The budget allocated is at Nu. 2577.7 million.

Improvement of Drinking water quality – This strategy will take care of the water quality aspect through procurement of adequate water testing equipment and capacity building of the laboratory. The budget allocated for implementing this strategy is at Nu. 23.90 million.

Better implementation of water legislations and governance – This strategy will help better enforce the provisions in the Water Act 2011 and related rules and regulations.

Program Key Objective

Main Results



24×7 Safe Drinking and Irrigation Water

NU 3000 million

Provide access to 24/7 safe drinking and irrigation water to all
  • Thromdes – 39, 075 HH covered under Thromdes
  • 26,052 HH covered under 11 Dzongkhags
  • 12,567 covered under 10 Dzongkhags Municipals
  • 4834 acres covered under irrigation (27 schemes)
WATER – 11 Dzongkhags & 4 Thromdes (Phase 1)

IRRIGATION – 13 Dzongkhags

Protection of Critical Watersheds and Wetlands.

Improvement of Drinking Water Quality Surveillance.

Better Implementation of water legislation and governance.

Development of Adequate and Climate Resilient Infrastructure.