Waste Management and Stray Dog Population Control Flaghsip Program


Target waste reduction at every point in the process and put in place a strong waste management and monitoring system. The program will also target the reduction of stray dog population to a manageable level.


  1. Strengthen Waste Collection Systeminstitute and operationalize 3 bin coloured waste bins
    • Waste segregation at source
    • Application of 3Rs
  2. Strengthen waste management system
    • Put in place cluster based integrated waste management system (biomedical waste, plastics, household hazardous waste C&D waste)
    • Wet waste management in rural and small towns at household level
    • Construction of waste management infrastructure
    • Establish processing facility
    • Waste management data and information system
  3. Strengthen waste management legislations and policies
    • Waste management fees
    • Development of recycling industry
    • Engagement of the private sector in waste management
    • Strengthen waste management rules and regulations
  4. Stray Dog Population Control -Nu. 94.984 million
    • Promote stray dog aoption
    • Feral dog population management
    • Implement animal birth control activities
  5. Social/engineering and awareness program
  • Awareness programs and integration into school curriculum
Program Key Objective Main Results Coverage Component
Waste and Stray Dog Flagship

Nu 1000 million

Reduce waste at every source •        50 % of waste recovered by mid 2021

•        75-80 % of waste recovered by end 2020

•        1000 kg of compost produced

•        3 biogas plants established

20 Dzongkhags & 4 Thromdes