Startup and CSI Development Flagship Program

Entrepreneurship Culture ( Skills Development)

International Business Idea Competition

A total of 325 youths/aspiring entrepreneurs trained in Entrepreneurship Development Training Programs as of May 2021. The entrepreneurship training programs were conducted mainly to provide potential entrepreneurs to stimulate and help them develop their own businesses through appropriate interventions.

Micro-works and online freelancing

A total of 91 students (24 from Royal Thimphu College, 31 from Gyalposhing College of Information Technology & 36 from Sherubtse College) participated in the 2 days awareness program on micro-works and online freelancing.

The awareness program was conducted to create awareness on the importance of freelancing and also to introduce the participants to different freelancing platform and portals like UpWork, Fiverr, Freelancer, People per Hour, etc. so that some of them can pursue online freelancing as a preferred career at a later stage when they graduate from the college.

1. International Business Idea Competition

One Click Shop won Seedstars Thimphu competition 2020-21 among top 5 finalists. 20 participants participated at International Business Idea Competition for 2020-2021. The competition’s primary aim is to educate and inspire smarter entrepreneurs who launch ventures that are more successful.

3. Vibrant Bhutan New Venture Challenge 2020

Conducted Bhutan New Venture Challenge 2020 to encourage entrepreneurship among students, overseas returnees and others. A total of 116 entries received from these three categories; only 89 entries got selected in the first phase of the evaluation.

2. Business Incubation Management Virtual Workshop

Capacity building for Business Incubation Managers from 5 Colleges, 8 TVET Institutes, 1 private co-working space and 5 officials from MoLHR and MoEA completed a virtual workshop facilitated by the World Bank team. The workshop was conducted in understanding how to finance an incubator, monitoring and evaluation and mentoring programs.

4. Startup Hackathon Challenge 2020

A total of 15 teams participated in the Startup Bhutan Hackathon Challenge at Startup Center, Changzamtog. The Hackathon event was organised to promote creativity, innovation and creating something new and extraordinary to solve persistence problems. The problem areas identified were Fintech, Agritech and Edutech.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation integration in School Education

The integration of entrepreneurship in school education was mainly to encourage creativity, innovation, critical and entrepreneurial thinking from a very early stage of education starting from Key stage I to V to make education more vibrant in the 21st Century.

Memorandum of Understanding signed on integration of Entrepreneurship in School Education amongst REC, DSE, MoE and DEHR, MoLHR on February 9, 2021.

Entrepreneurship Education Capacity Development  

A total of 80 Commerce Teachers were trained on Business and Entrepreneurship Education Curriculum of Thimphu, Wangduephodrang, Trashigang and Paro Dzongkhags.

Legal and Policy Framework

Revised Cottage and Small Industry (CSI) Policy 2019

Launched the CSI Policy 2019 during the Bhutan Economic Forum for Innovative Transformation (BEFIT) Conference held on July 16, 2019. The revised CSI Policy 2019 as a part of Startup and CSI Flagship program aims to further improve the policy and regulatory environment to accelerate the growth of the CSIs in the country. The Policy focuses on the six main domains of the entrepreneurship ecosystem and are implemented through a series of action plans covering the entire period of the Policy.

A total of 40 plus stakeholders attended the CSI Forum on the theme “ Access to Finance and Access to Market “

Conducted two CSI Forums on the theme ‘access to finance’ and access to market with National CSI Bank/ Financial Institutions, DCSI, MoLHR, entrepreneurs and relevant entrepreneurship support institutions.

Human Capital Development

Business Management Training

A total of 60 participants trained on basic elements of business management skills necessary for growth and survival in the competitive environment (basic accounting, product costing, pricing, marketing, HR management etc.). During the training, the participants were imparted knowledge on how to maintain simple books of accounts for their business, determine cost and price of their product, and marketing of their products. The training was organized with an aim to address the lack of business management skills among the CSI entrepreneurs.

Artisans trained on product development

A total of 119 Artisans trained on miniaturized product development – wood turning/bronze casting/cane & bamboo/natural dye and souvenir making at Thimphu, Pemagatshel, Zhemgang, Tashigang and Trashiyangtse.

Product Packaging Training

30 participants from different CSI units were sent to South India Education Society (SIES) School of Packaging at Navi, Mumbai, India. The programme was organized with the objective to enhance their knowledge on product packaging and to improve competitiveness in the market.

Bakery Training

A group of 20 new entrepreneurs was trained in making bakery products for a duration of 21 days. The training was organized in line with the broad objective of promoting food security in the country through development of the food processing industry.

Market Access

Completed the establishment of Cottage and Small Industry Market Outlet at Changzamtog, Thimphu (below Startup Center). The CSI Market Outlet was operational from December 2020.


CSI Product Promotion

During the fiscal year 2020 – 2021, the product promotion program to enhance CSIs’ access to the domestic market were carried out in 10 Dzongkhags.

Access to Market

Marketing Support

Two Market Infrastructure for FGs/COOPs established [paneer processing & sales outlet] at Wangduephodrang and Zhemgang. Fourteen Market linkages for FGs/COOPs – RAMCO Gelephu & Mongar with schools, hospital, vegetable vendor, cooperatives and dzong construction, RBP colony-Gelephu

Current activities and status

  • 10 standards for CSI products developed [concrete blocks, butter, cheese, paneer, herbal tea, pencil, sweet buckwheat, pure silk scarf, raw silk scarf, incense and hand-
    made paper].
  • 13 CSIs were licensed as per the BAFRA GHP/GMP Criteria for Licensing of Food Business

Product Standardization and Certification

Construction of Startup Center at Dhamdum Industrial Park, Samtse

Development works under process. Physical progress of construction works as of April 2021 is 25.2%.

Establishment of two new Business Incubation Center

Memorandum of Understanding signed for setting up two new Business Incubation Centres at Jigme Namgyal Engineering College , Samdrupjongkhar and Sherubtse College, Trashigang to be operational from June 2021.


Establishment of Fablabs

Two Fablab establishment under process – Bio-Fablab at CNR & Standard Fablab at Jigme Wangchuck Power Training Institute, Sarpang in collaboration with RSSTEM, HMS.


Supply of equipment/machinery through IDGS and Essential Services Scheme (ESS)

Supply of machinery/equipment through IDGS for the approved list of 35 CSIs ongoing. Supply of equipment and tools to 30 beneficiaries through ESS in Dzongkhags (Trashiyangtse, Zhemgang, Bumthang and Chukha) under process.


Remodeling/Renovation of old service center, Changzamtog, Thimphu

The existing structures of the Service Center at Changzamtog, Thimphu are being renovated to be converted into Startup Center. Completed renovation and remodeling works of nine units. Renovation works of creche is ongoing. Completed 98% of the construction works.


Establishment of Common Facility Center (CFC) at Startup Center and National Post Harvest Center (NPHC) in the regional sub-centers

Procurement of machines and equipment is ongoing. At the moment the following four items received:

  1. Liquid filling machines 4 Nos
  2. High pressure jet washer 5 Nos
  3. Food grade barrels 250 liters (250 Nos)
  4. Glass Jar (200 ml and 400 ml) 10000 Nos each.


Standardization and Certification

  • Certification of five products identified (Pencil, Handmade paper, Incense, Concrete Block and Silk) ongoing.
  • Standardization of 10 products ongoing

(Product list – Door and Window, Bangchung, Dapa, Honey, Potato chips, Sea buckthorn, Kombucha, Kiwi Juice and Mustard oil).


Establishment of Common Facility Center (CFC) for Clusters at Radhi ( Textile Weaving) and Sakten (Yak and Sheep Wool Processing), Trashigang

Construction works for establishment of CFC for Clusters at Radhi, Trashigang ongoing. The CFC will house raw materials bank, equipment, show room and demonstration room. These CFCs will also serve as multipurpose centers to promote the craft of the region.


Establishment of Central Yarn Bank, Thimphu – ongoing.

A Central Yarn Bank will be established in order to increase the varieties of the quality yarns at competitive prices with the ultimate objective to improve textile products quality in the country.


Business Development Support

Launch of CSI Technology Request Database

During the launch of Cottage Scale Industries Reform by the Ministry of Economic Affairs on May 14, 2021, CSI Technology Request Database was also launched. The online technology request platform will facilitate entrepreneurs to search and adopt the right and appropriate technology required for operating their business and thus, lead to increased productivity and growth. The online database platform would also serve as a means to exchange technology (both offers and technology requests) within and outside Bhutan.

Business Advocacy Workshops

Conducted to 450 participants including the oversees returnees on the various support under Flagship program and licensing procedures.

Equipment/Technology Support to CSI Entrepreneurs

  • 148 CSIs supported with equipment/machinery/tools for up-scaling or new establishment through Industrial Development Grant Scheme, Essential Services Scheme and Innovation Voucher scheme.
  • 48 FGs/COOPs supported with value-addition equipment through Cooperative Development Scheme.
  • 10 textile clusters supported with pre-loom and dyeing equipment at Trashigang, Bumthang, Lhuntse, Samdrupjongkhar and Pemagatshel.