To reduce substantially the incidences of gastric, cervical and breast cancers in the country.


To reduce incidences of Gastric, Cervical and Breast cancers through screening and early detection programs.

To reduce mortality due to Gastric, Cervical and Breast cancers.


  • Mass H. pylori screening and treatment program: Instituting population-based test and treat approach for population 18-75 years of age for H pylori infection using rapid stool antigen test and subsequently treating all the positive cases with triple therapy treatment
  • Introduce HPV testing/Liquid Based Cytology: Replace the current conventional pap smear screening for cervical cancer by introducing HPV DNA testing and Liquid Based Cytology, for women 30-65 years, as the primary screening tool for cervical cancer.
  • Implement outreach camps to reach screening and treatment services to the community, for the three programs.
  • Expand endoscopy services: Increasing the number of endoscopy centres to provide endoscopy services for all the high-risk population 40-75 years of age, including through outreach services.
  • Breast Cancer Screening: Initiate a program of clinical breast examination and advocacy on self-breast examination technique for women availing services at the maternal and child health clinic.  Further, introducing mammography as the main screening tool for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in women 40-65 years of age.