Education Flagship Programme


Globally competent citizens for the 21st century and beyond.


Enhanced ICT skills and knowledge of the students to perform productively and responsively in knowledge society.


1.Strengthening the use of ICT across the curriculum (curriculum and learning resources)

  • ICT integration across the curriculum
  • Instituting ICT enrichment programmes for schools
  • Strengthening coding in the current ICT curriculum

2. Enhancing teachers’ capacity to use ICT for teaching and learning (pedagogy)

3. Equipping schools with adequate devices and reliable Internet connectivity (infrastructure)

  • Digital Devices for Student (inc. Computer lab, Setting up mobile labs in schools
  • Setting up a reliable and structured network in schools
  • Providing programmable kits or robots
  • Expansion of computer labs and adequate number of computers in schools

4. Enhancing IT lab assistants’ capacity (instructional support)