Startup and Cottage and Small Industries (CSI) Development Flagship Programme


Promote growth of a vibrant and sustainable startup and cottage and small industries contributing to the overall socio-economic development of the country.


  • To promote high-growth potential CSIs that can graduate to become homegrown champions and find a niche in the regional and international markets.
  • Using inclusive growth strategy, to bring the remaining CSIs into the economic mainstream so that they also can contribute to the overall economic growth.
  • This programme aims to foster job creation and enhance income generation by enabling creation of new CSIs and improving competitiveness of existing ones.
  • It will focus on building entrepreneurship and innovation culture and promote startups by establishing a dedicated Business Startup Centre.


Business incubation centres and FabLabs will be established in colleges and technical training institutes to encourage creativity and innovation. Furthermore, platforms will be provided to showcase and identify creative business ideas, where best ideas will be selected and accelerated into creation of businesses. Such facilities and platforms are intentionally designed to particularly support youth in generating entrepreneurial interest and help support their business ideas.

The existing Business Startup Centre will be strengthened to provide end-to-end services ranging from business idea generation, mentoring of entrepreneurs, skills development, product design, financing, production enhancement and marketing.

The flagship programme will provide targeted support through product standardization, packaging, certification and branding to enhance production and market 20 different products that have market potential. The products include agro-based products such as herbal tea, honey by-products, essential oil products, vegetable and fruit juice, pasteurized butter and cheese, cardamom and potato products. Handmade paper, incense, wood and bamboo products are some of the wood-based products identified. Mineral-based products such as ceramic, bricks and hollow blocks will also be promoted. Under handicrafts natural dye textiles products and production of traditional souvenirs will also be targeted.

In addition, the programme will also streamline legal and policy frameworks with review of the existing CSMI Policy in cognizance with EDP Policy 2016; improve access and explore alternative financing mechanisms in collaboration with the Royal Monetary Authority; build human capital by providing targeted beginners, intermediate and advanced level entrepreneur trainings and

development of specific technical skills; and improve business development services including development of business proposals and licensing, to create enabling ecosystem for Start-up and CSI growth.

Program Key Objective Main Results Coverage Component
Startup & CSI

Nu 1200 million

Promote growth of viable and sustainable Start-ups and CSIs •        Build entrepreneurship culture

•        Enhance production of 20 identified CSI products

•        Support to 1050 CSIs

•        Create 4700 additional jobs

•        Establish about 642 Startup businesses

All 20 Dzongkhags & 4 Thromdes


Colleges and TTIs

·       Entrepreneurship culture

·       Legal & policy framework

·       Access to finance & incentive

·       Human capital development

·       Market access

·       Business development support