Hon'ble Prime Minister of Bhutan


Flagship programmes are interventions to address high priority national issues that require multi-sectoral collaboration and coordination in a concerted manner. In addition to regular 12th FYP programmes, flagship programmes are designed as key means to achieve the National Key Result Areas (NKRAs) through implementation of high priority programmes.

Some of the high priority national issues to be addressed through the flagship programmes are economic growth and diversification, employment generation, access to reliable and safe drinking water, efficiency and effectiveness of public services, waste management, health and education.

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Flagship Programs


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Flagship Programmes

Water & Irrigation

  • To achieve uninterrupted access to drinking and irrigation water for all households
  • To create an independent water agency that will ensure efficient & reliable water supply
  • Protect critical watersheds & wetlands
  • Improve drinking water quality surveillance
  • Agencies Involved: MoWHS, MoAF, MoH, NEC & LG’s
  • Budget: Nu. 3000 Million

Startup & CSI

  • Driving innovation & investment in CSI & startups.
  • Promoting growth of a vibrant & sustainable startups & CSI.
  • Diversifying our economic base.
  • Expanding export base & reducing imports.
  • Improving access to finance.
  • Agency(s) involved: DCSI, MoEA, DoEE, MoLHR, MoAF(BAFRA & DAMC), APIC & BSB
  • Budget: Nu. 1200 Million.

Digital Drukyul

  • Integrated Citizen Services: Services at your fingertips.
  • E-Patient Information System: know your medical records from any health facility in the country.
  • E-Business: Integrated Business Licensing & Single Customs-Trade System.
  • One Digital Identity: A digital identity for our citizens, bio-metrics &  digital signature.
  • Budget: Nu. 3132Million.


  • Increased organic production for sustained economic development.
  • Employment generated for youth and others– rural-urban migration partly addressed.
  • Increased domestic production of bio-inputs.
  • Enhanced organic value chain and marketing (enterprise development).
  • Strengthened policy, institution, technical and regulatory environment for organic.
  • Import substitution.
  • Budget: Nu. 1000 Million


  • Equitable and balanced spread of tourism to all parts of the country.
  • Tourism for all seasons.
  • Enhancing visitor experience of Bhutan as an exclusive destination.
  • Creating employment opportunities in tourism & hospitality sector.
  • Increasing contribution of tourism to national economy and rural livelihoods.
  • Agencies involved: TCB, LG’s
  • Budget: Nu. 1500 Million.


  • Bridging the gap between the primary & secondary healthcare.
  • To lower the incidences of Gastric, Cervical & Cancers in the country.
  • Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among women. Stomach cancer is the leading cause of death related to cancer. Increasingly, we are losing many lives to breast cancer.
  • To have an effective screening program  for gastric, cervical & breast cancer through medical camps.
  • Agency involved: Ministry of Health
  • Budget: Nu. 1109.57 Million.


  • Preparing our children for 21st century tech-world.
  • Introducing curriculum on digital literacy & technology.
  • Equipping schools with adequate facility.
  • Engaging students through the country with ICT skills from the early stage.
  • Agencies Involved: Ministry of Education.
  • Budget: Nu. 1000 Million

Waste & Stray Dog Management

  • Introducing color coded waste bins for all households.
  • Ensuring end-to-end reduction of waste.
  • Private sector partnership in recycling & converting waste into profit.
  • Controlling & managing the stray dog population.
  • Agencies involved: WMD, NEC, DoL, MoAF, LG’s.
  • Budget: Nu. 1000 Million.

National Day Footprint

  • Keeping alive the spirit & purpose of National Day.
  • Focus on the host Dzongkhag by initiating activities beyond the plan.
  • Budget: Nu 2000 Million.